Building Greener and Safer Communities. Together.


Commercial Energy Retrofits

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate provides up to 30 year financing for energy retrofits including Solar, HVAC, Building Envelope or other energy saving equipment to enhance your property and improve your building's value.

Seismic Retrofits

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate is the leading provider of fixed rate, long term financing for seismic retrofits. We can help property owners make improvements to strengthen their properties while maximizing cash flow.


 In partnership with your local government, Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate provides financing for

energy efficiency, wind resistance, water conservation and seismic strengthening improvements for your property



Contractors and Engineers

We make the paperwork easy
Create more opportunities 
Help you to work more
We know financing and have dedicated specialists for both large and small commercial construction projects.

Sustaining Benefits

  • 100% Financing of project including permits, inspections and design 
  • Fixed interest rates over the life of the assessment
  • Terms up to 30 years



  • No Balloon Payments, Self-Amortizing 
  • Financing may transfer to new property owner upon sale  
  • May qualify for off balance sheet treatment
  • No prepayment required upon refinancing


Create jobs
Make your buildings safer
Lower your community's energy footprint
Help future generations
It's not often community leaders can fulfill all these goals. Find out how partnering with Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate can help your city or community.